About our Coffee Fundraiser

  • We offer Caruso’s Coffee in 12 ct. single-serve cups, 12 oz. whole beans, and 12 oz. ground coffee for $16.

  • 100% premium grade arabica coffee, locally roasted and blended here in Northeast Ohio since 1982.

Winning Edge Coffee Order Form – $16

  • 4 different blends, 9 total flavors to choose from:

    • Light Roast Blends

      • Cleveland Blend – A blend of South American beans from Colombia and Brazil; bright and refreshing (available in 12 ct. single-serve cups OR 12 oz. whole beans)

      • Buckeye Blend – A combination of South American, African, and Indonesian coffees for a very aromatic coffee with a nice buttery finish (available in 12 oz. ground coffee)

      • 4th Street Blend – Decaf – A blend of decaffeinated Colombian beans roasted to perfection (available in 12 ct. single-serve cups)

    • Flavored Blends

      • Jam’Me Crazy – A light roast with creamy kahlua liquer, sweet caramel & aromatic vanilla bean flavors (available in 12 oz. ground coffee)

      • Chocolate Hazelnut – A decadent blend of rich, sweet chocolate blended with a classic hazelnut flavor (available in 12 oz. ground coffee)

    • Medium Roast Blends

      • East Bank Blend – A combination of French-roasted Colombia beans for a smooth, easy drinking, medium to full-bodied cup of coffee (available in 12 ct. single serve cups OR 12 oz. whole beans)

      • Legacy – A combination of Central American beans with African and French roasted beans to give a delicious medium blend with a lingering aftertaste (available in 12 oz. ground coffee)

    • Dark Roast Blends

      • Dean Man’s Curve – 8 coffees pre-blended and roasted to their own unique, dark roasted flavor, bold, full-bodied, & smokey with hints of burnt sugar & bittersweet cocoa (available in 12 ct. single-serve cups OR 12 oz. whole beans)

      • French Roast – A custom blend, French-roasted for a medium-dark, smoky, and bold cup of coffee (available in 12 oz. ground coffee)

Why Sell Coffee with Winning Edge?

  • Our standard at Winning Edge is for us to handle the workload for you while providing great service from beginning to end.

  • There is NO CHARGE for the order forms and we set up each fundraiser by providing every seller with at least two order forms and a detailed informational sheet.

  • When the last order form is turned in, we tally the total order for you and you have your money that day. We take care of the entire delivery for you!

  • We coordinate the delivery day around your schedule. Then, each order is individually sorted for easy pick-up.

  • We offer the best profits in the fundraising industry.