About our Popcorn & Pretzel Fundraiser

  • We offer Savory Foods Gourmet Popcorn and Pretzels which sell for $20.

  • All natural ingredients for quality, gourmet taste ready for snacking.

Featured Flavors:

  • Chicago Style – 16oz.
  • Chocolatey Delight – 22 oz.
  • Buttery Caramel – 22oz.
  • Hot & Sweet – 16oz.
  • New England White Cheddar – 16oz.
  • Peanut Butter Delight – 22oz.
  • Milk Chocolate Pretzel – 20oz.
  • Peanut Butter Pretzel – 20 oz.
  • Dark Chocolate Pretzel – 20oz.

Popcorn and Pretzel Order Form – Printable form

Why Sell Popcorn and Pretzels with Winning Edge?

  • Our standard at Winning Edge is for us to handle the workload for you while providing great service from beginning to end.

  • There is NO CHARGE for the order forms and we set up each fundraiser by providing every seller with order forms and a detailed informational sheet.

  • When the last order form is turned in, we tally the total order for you and you have your money that day.

  • We coordinate the delivery day around your schedule. Each order is individually sorted for easy pick-up.

  • We offer the best profit-per-box in the fundraising industry @ 50%.