About Our Coupon Packet Fundraiser

  • The Coupon Packet is the largest money-maker and money-saver that we offer.

  • The Coupon Packet is a fold-out, paper product which sells for $20.

  • Winning Edge designs a customized Coupon Packet that represents your group allowing for 48 merchant coupons within your local and surrounding community.

  • Your Winning Edge representative acquires all the discounts from the merchants (with your input).

  • All coupons are one-time use and must be surrendered at the time of purchase.

  • There is NO CHARGE for the printing of the Coupon Packet.


Why Sell Coupon Packets?

  • The Community WINS:

The community gets something tangible for their support to the school or organization. They save money by using the discounts at businesses throughout the community. A supporter can typically get their money back after only a couple of uses of the Packet. Communities as a whole can save thousands of dollars per year by redeeming coupons their group sold for a fundraiser.

  • The Local Businesses WIN:

There is NO CHARGE to be on the Ticket, it is FREE ADVERTISING! Local businesses show their support for the local schools or organizations by offering four discounts with some value and get increased traffic to their establishment as a result. With the coupons being traceable, as well as their limited use, your local merchants are given the opportunity to increase the value of the offers to your supporters. This enables them to grow their businesses while supporting your team or group.

  • The School WINS:

The team or organization raises much needed money for their program by selling the Coupon Packet directly to the community. This money goes towards improving all areas of a program and allows for the group to operate at a high level of success while achieving their goals.

Bottom line: Your group earns thousands of dollars by helping your local merchants grow their businesses, and saving your community thousands of dollars – all at the same time!